01 Tourist City

This episode of Full Circle explores parts of the Tourism industry in Victoria. 

Ryan, a longtime cruise line employee, gives a sneak peek into life on a cruise ship. 

CFUV visits the Ship Point Night Market, a collection of vendors that meet in the inner harbour to sell their wares to a crowd of cruise ship patrons.

Finally, CFUV correspondant Arcade looks into the Downtown Victoria Busker's Festival, and seeks to find the answer to why this vibrant celebration changed hands over the past year.

Content in the program was produced by CFUV's Podcasting Production Team. Music in this piece was composed and performed by Podington Bear. This program is proudly supported by Oak Bay Bikes, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada. 

Microdosing with Alice- Teaser

CFUV correspondant Max goes down the rabbit hole with Alice to learn about microdosing.


Thank you to Alice for participating. Produced by Max Collins. Music by Acid Mother's Temple, Pachyderm and Shannon & the Clams. This project is proudly supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

Brunch Club- Teaser

Victoria, BC is noted as the brunch capital of Canada, along with being the third-most expensive place to own a home in the country. On a suggestion from Australian millionaire Tim Gurner, CFUV correspondent Max sets out to see if Millennials need only to abstain from their love of avocado toast in order to afford the house of their dreams.

Produced by Max Collins. This podcast is proudly supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.